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Participate Community

Participate Community

Assistance with Social and Community Participation is a funded support category that can be found in your NDIS plan under Core Supports. Individuals with disabilities often find it challenging to interact and participate in activities in different social situations. At Mango Care, we recognize how critical community engagement is to an individual’s overall wellbeing. We continuously work hard to create an atmosphere that engages people and encourages them to interact more freely. According to the NDIS Social and Community Participation, you may be eligible for a support worker to help you with the following activities:

  • To enroll in self-improvement classes
  • Go on a trip or take a vacation
  • Becoming a member of a social group
  • Partaking in community events or joining a club
  • Visiting the neighbourhood library
  • Going to movie theatres or attending concerts

Our Mission

To provide high quality and flexible services, which promote human rights, empower participants, and create opportunities for life of their choice.

Our Vision

To ensure a dignified, healthy, and respectful society for all people with disabilities who may be equal participants as others.

Our Goal

To deliver the best information to our customers to help them live a comfortable and independent life and make them independent.

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